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This blog has a new name and a new location! Blue Cat Review is on Blogger at We still have fashion and home decor. We also have digital art journals. We’ve got a guest blogger named Sarah Easley who does book reviews on Thursday from Girl With a Good Book ( Come on over and check it out!

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India Black and the Gentleman Thief (Madam of Espionage, #4) by Carol K. Carr

India Black and the Gentleman Thief (Madame of Espionage, #4) 
by Carol K. Carr (Goodreads Author) 


Sarah‘s review 

Feb 06, 14


bookshelves: historical-fictionhistorical-suspensevictorian-england 

Read from February 04 to 06, 2014

Oh India, how we adore you! You’re unapologetically blunt, you’d rather receive a fine piece of nickel-plated artillery than a pearl necklace as a gift, poor French’s finer sensibilities don’t stand a chance against your gleefully antagonistic views of respectability, and you finally get the chance to dash around in trousers (though not the handsome silk-lined garment you had in mind). Always, you make our time with you a delight.

Murder and a threat to the security of the princely states are up in the air this time around, and India is delighted to answer the call for Queen and country … especially as Lotus House is currently under siege by the Dowager Marchioness of Tullibardine, the “old trout’s” man, and an army of pampered collies. With revelations flying left and right, the denizens of her establishment preparing for mutiny, and her relationship with French reaching a point where something’s got to give it’s no wonder that India would be relived to get to work solving another of Dizzy’s puzzles!

Carr finally hit her stride with this series in book three, and here she shows her ability to maintain a good thing while continuing to improve upon success. India’s personality and unforgettable voice were the indisputable hooks for these stories from page one of the debut, but now everything else about them are coming up to snuff and doing our lovable heroine justice. Happily, it looks as though there is much more to look forward to, as Carr has built upon the original story arcs and the big questions of India’s place in the world, what choice she will make for herself, and how she and French can possibly bridge the gap are not going to be easily resolved. Bravo!

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Always a late bloomer…

Well, I tried starting out with no advice and it didn’t work. So then I asked a few questions and did some more, and that didn’t work. So, now, I have done quite a bit of reading and researching and listening to people and asked every question I could think of, even if it sounded stupid. I got a lot of suggestions, some contradictory, some obviously not for me, some way beyond my financial or personal comfort zone. I still have more questions to ask, a lot that I don’t even know how to phrase, yet. However, one thing is clear, I have not done justice to my blog and my future followers. And I must believe I will have followers, or this will not work. I’m not doing this for money. Good thing, since I’ve made such a poor start of it. But more because I need an outlet, a place to share. I’m hoping that this will be the place. So, if you’re interested in some fashion, some home dec, some art, some crafting, some books, and some good food, stop by and and browse. I’m going to be in transition for a bit, I think. Until I find my stride, at least. If you stop by, please leave a comment, any encouragement is welcome, especially right now.

Come again!

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There and back again, a rabbit’s tail.

There and back again, a rabbit's tail.

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Just Bee-utiful!

Just Bee-utiful!

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Attorney by Armani

Attorney by Armani

Armani Collezioni jacket
$1,150 –

Armani Collezioni navy blue skirt
$325 –

Christian louboutin pumps

Givenchy purse

Majorica round necklace

Kate spade eyeglass

Tech accessory

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Atty-at-Law by Armani

Atty-at-Law by Armani

Armani Collezioni black skirt
$325 –

Gold jewelry
$415 –

Tech accessory

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